Wednesday, August 11, 2010


What is it about starting a new knitting project that gives me such a buzz? Seriously, I feel like a 16 yr old who is sneaking their first beer... I cast on and for days I just live and die to work on that project. Right now its another Wonderful Wallaby for my son. His second Wallaby... this one is size 4... and its in a variegated Gator color yarn, dyed by Onceinabluemoonbaby on Etsy. last year I bought some yarn from her and being a picky little Gator fan, I had to tell her the color was off a little. We determined that it was due to computer monitors and their ability to magically morph colors. Being the sweetest most wonderful yarnista that she is... she dyed me all new yarn and this time the color was spot on! So... I started the project last weekend...this morning I got up early to knit a few rows, since I am about to fuse the pouch and in my buzzed state as I knit-knit-knit away, I remembered my long lost Tea Leaves Sweater that I never finished. I will. I just dont know when... even though I keep saying SOON. I have to download the pattern pdf though, I lost it. I just wish I was toddler size 4 so I would be more than halfway through the project before the start-buzz wore off!!!

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