Sunday, June 27, 2010


1. The blue frosting was fun.
2. Miss Thang wants to go to school!
3. Can you see the title? "The Toddler Years"
4. Reading is serious business.
5. The positive lines, sorry bad pic.

So I was sitting here trying to figure out how to come up with $100 for rent and I decided I am going to take $50 off the rent since I had to hook up the gas so the landlord could have the gas heater looked at. I had not planned on hooking it up until October... and she did say she would pay for it, so this month she can pay for it. Then I found $38 in my paypal account. I'm still short. I never did ask my new boss to reimburse my gas money when I drove to Orange Park last weekend, so I think I will on Monday. Then rent is due Thursday. The power bill was due about 2 weeks ago, but as long as they dont shut it off before Friday, I should be able to pay it that day. I pray every night before I fall asleep that they dont shut it off before I can pay it. So far, so good. All in all, despite all my stress... I am blessed. And even though I need to pay the daycare $35 Monday to keep him enrolled, some way, somehow I will pay the damn rent. I am going to handwash my underwear and work clothes to save $10and a trip to the laundrymat and  I am going to tell Pat that he needs to make the cigs last or just quit cuz I cant afford them this week. Gas will be rationed to only driving to daycare--then to work--then back to daycare for pickup and then home. I will be praying that Pat finds a job. He has been sending out resumes and applying everywhere, with no luck so far. I have not made a single sale this week at work, but Monday I hope to have at least 2. I need about 6 or 7 sales in order to make it another week after paying the power bill.

Today I wont stress though. Not anymore anyway. I have to buy some food, figure out how to stretch $32 to the max and then, just tv and knitting for me. I do think I will do some Craigslist ads and try to sell some scooters for the rest of the week. I might work Thursday too if the boss-lady will let me. Ah, off to knit... and I will take some pictures today.