Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wow I have money...?

How on earth did that happen? I have money in my account... I can pay my bills this month and I will have some money left over! This new job is finally paying some bills, now that I am getting consistant checks. August should be a busy-busy-busy month for sales! I hope to make loads of cash.

I am so happy in fact, I actually bought the boy some presents. I got him a glow-worm. Okay, its not a glow worm, its a glow-starfish. It got better reviews than glow-worm so I had to let go of the nostalgia idea and try the glow-starfish. I also fell like a 400 pound sucker for Amazon's super shipping savings and had to spend the $25 so I also bought him a Curious George lunch box and dish set. It shipped on the 22nd, so I hope it comes soon. I am not having much luck getting that kid to sleep at night, so hopefully the glow-buddy will help. Chances are it will go into the pile of toys, but you never know.

I went to see Inception last night. What a good movie! I was very impressed . I was honestly amazed by the fact that I followed it as well as I did. I had a glass of wine before I went and I am very glad I did not make it two glasses!!! Now what is it about Leonardo DiCaprio that makes him do these LONG movies? I cant stay comfortable in a movie theater for an hour, let alone 2.5 hours! I was fidgeting so much I made the girl next to me nervous, cuz she moved her purse. Like I was going to be stealing her wallet or something. As if. Seriously though, bring a pillow, the movie is long-long-long... but full of action so I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed seeing that Leonardo DiCaprio has finally gone through puberty. He has really filled out and looks like a man. I was growing a little tired of the 12 year old boy look he has been rocking since Titanic. Now if I can just get him to go back and re-do The Departed, The Aviator and Catch Me If You Can... LOL.

Seems Ben Affleck is in a new movie soon. I cannot remember the title, but it is about him being a bank robber/kidnapper... he is sexy-sexy-wow in this movie. Good to see he has been working out. I thought he dropped off the planet or something. Looking forward to that movie.

Also, Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts looks interesting. Its a travel the world-to-find-yourself kind of movie and I like the concept. I just need a sponsor and I can travel the world myself. :)