Thursday, June 17, 2010


Here we go... back to blogging after a long break.
I'm having trouble keeping this news to myself, so I may as well blog it...

I'm pregnant. My ex-husband and I reunited after being divorced since 2003 and we decided to jump right in and make a baby. It took less than 3 weeks. We are officially knocked up and excited. I have done the math and my estimated due date is February 15, 2011.

I just started a new job. I hope this wont turn out badly... but I feel like they will love me by time they find out I am going to need some maternity leave and just deal with it. (Crossing my fingers!) I actually start on Saturday... this cannot go badly. I need this job! I quit Starbucks with a huge smile on my face. It felt great. I have no regrets.