Monday, August 2, 2010

A dollar to spare!!!!!!!

My son had his 3rd speech therapy class today. I do think it is helping, but I do not understand why. She focuses and repeats words, like "push" - "up" - "open"-"close"- "go car go" and "boom" while they play with different toys. I feel like the repetition will work eventually, but the reason any of it works is because it is another person doing the teaching. I try and teach him something and the child just tries to figure out a way to aggravate me because he loves to get me frustrated. Lucky me.

We took him to the dog park this weekend... we pretty much just walked through it to the other side which has a playground. A hound dog jumped up on him and scratched his little face. He did not seem affected by it and had a good time at the playground. I got some good pictures I will have to post them soon. It has been so humid here, it is not even worth going outside. Sticky humid-nastiness. I am excited for next month.

I bought a washer-dryer set finally. It was a craigslist gamble, but it seems that they will work fine. I tested the washer last night and need a plug for the dryer. My first thing to do will be to felt a purse I knit up the other day.I cannot wait. I will take some before and after pictures too.

I paid my rent... I had ONE dollar leftover! That is progress!!! This is literally the first month I have not had to sell something or return something to Wal Mart in order to make rent. I am late on the power bill, but I should be able to cover it next week without problems. My friend paid $100 on it as a birthday gift and that helped big time. Cable internet is due in the middle of the month, so that is paid already. The dog needs a rabies shot and my kiddo needs some bigger shirts, but as long as everything goes well I should be able to manage.

I had an email from a girl posing as a girl named Adrianna Nikko. She claimed to follow my blog. She said she tried knitting once, but "stunk at it" however, her email address was "" she was not on, she had no project pictures to share and could not remember the name of any types of yarn she had knit with in the past... Finally I asked her if she was on facebook... she said yes. I looked her up and it was a really bad stock photo and she only had 3 friends. So I have decided that she is someone from Camp Josh trying to spy on me via blog. Pretty lame attempt. I might just post the emails if I ever have any free time. Its amusing... I went from SAHM with lots of free time to working-mom with NO FREE TIME! I barely have time to breathe now!