Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Job.

So I started training for my new job this weekend. Seems like it will be a blast. I'm selling scooters, atv's and motorcycles. I am learning about the different models and warranty offers... and I'm riding them. I never pictured myself on a scooter... in fact, I always made fun of scooters. Getting on a few today and driving them around though, I have to say, now I'm a fan. They are not all the same. It was interesting to see the differences in models, some are minor, some major.

I have some roadblocks with this job, (literally) like some huge construction work near the shop, blocking me from potential buyers. Also, there are many competitors in town. Though, I did check them out and none of them seem to carry quality scooters and most of their warranties are a year less than ours. So small roadblocks... I can handle it.

Of course I was smart and added a work friend to my Facebook... then had to go back and delete any posts about pregnancy! Obviously, I wont be telling them until its visually obvious! I do not think it will detract from my job at all. In fact I was thinking that it could be used as a selling point. When Mr. & Mrs. Uptight come into the shop and want a scooter for their spoiled brat who is a new student at UF... any fears they have about their little precious daughter riding a scooter will go out the window if they see a pregnant chick on one!

I'm pretty excited.