Thursday, July 8, 2010

Still have power...

I was lucky enough to have my power kept on. Partnership for Strong Families ended up paying the bills for us. I'm glad because I did not have it. The guy was supposed to drop the check at 8 am, but didnt until after lunch, so they tried to shut it off, but I told them I paid it and they should double check the records... they said they would be back after lunch and soon after it got paid. My landlord tried to scam Partnership by saying I owed extra money that I didnt owe, so I had to call her and chew her out for it. She apologized, apparently unaware that the story would get back to me.

I have been so stressed I cant knit. What the hell is that? Crazy talk. I have sold a few scooters, mopeds and electric bikes, so commissions are flowing. I'm still not making minimum wage unless I sell 2 a week. After August, which is our busy season, I will be asking for an hourly raise, if I dont get it I will be moving on. Especially since I do mostly secretarial work.

I am under so much stress I am having visions that terrify me. I need some serious relaxation... but how do you do that with a 2 year old? I can never relax! When he is at daycare its okay, but usually I am at work. When he is with Josh for the weekend, I cant relax, since I miss him the whole time. Today i took a nap, which felt good. I should have done laundry, but I just couldnt. I couldnt wrap my mind around the concept of going to the laundry mat. Sitting there. Waiting. Waiting. Folding. Nope. I took a nap instead. I smell like gas and exhaust at work anyway so who cares if I re-wear my 3 shirts and 2 pants. I have clean underwear and socks... good enough for me.

I fantasize about one of those spa days you see on tv. You know... the rich bitches or the girls about to get married or something, they all go get mani-pedi's and maybe a mud wrap and a facial. Add a haircut and an eyebrow wax and you may as well have shot me in the head and sent me to heaven. Its all I can do to shave lately. I thought I upgraded my Venus razor... I went from the blue one to the pink one and I hate it. I have like 30 blades since I got it at Sam's Club, but even with a brand new blade it feels like its jagged and I get a million cuts all over me. My old one I never cut myself. I am seriously thinking about writing them a letter. I feel trapped by this razor since I have so many blades left, but my legs will be completely scar tissue if I use them up.

I invested $7.00 I dont have in putting my Etsy shop up for promotion. Might be a waste of money, but it might be a good investment too. We shall see. I have promoted my shop on Hyena Cart many times and had mixed results... but never on Etsy.

My son was super cute and sweet tonight. So good in fact he stayed up until 10pm... He kept climbing onto the couch to lay next to me and pulling the throw blanket up to his chin. Too cute. He was so cuddly. Finally I put him to bed, he refused to let me read a story for the 3rd night in a row and had a fit. I turned off the light and of course 20 mins later he got up again. I gave him a drink of water and put him back in bed-- so far so good. The kid has been so moody. I'm not sure if its just him or if its side effects of his steroids and albuterol he has in the nebulizer. he still coughs a couple of times a day. Its a crackly-nasty cough.  He has and appointment for Shands to get a full work up on the 25th of this month and he goes to the speech therapist next thursday. I will update soon!

Sorry for the sporadic choppy post... I'm just losing my mind these days and I'm tired. Goodnight!